How it Works

VeriVisual Major Features

Unlimited distribution
  The monthly cost is fixed and there is no additional cost for each distribution.

  No waiting time at all. Download now and use!

  The rich security model enables the materials owners to define who is permitted to use their materials (media units). The levels of access permissions to each media unit, vary from "available to everyone" through "restricted to the specific customer".


Hierarchy (Categories) Management

Materials are organized and categorized according to the materials owner specific categories structure, improving searching / locating functionality and making VeriVisual a fast and easy management tool.

Simple and easy multiple files distribution
  Selection of multiple materials and easy distribution with the selection basket.

High resolution

The materials are available for download and basket distribution in  "Ready for print" format.

Minimal transactions
  Only one set of materials in high quality is needed.

  All adverts are made from the same one set of high quality materials.

  The materials are accessible from anywhere at anytime.

  The materials may be previewed before downloading.

Centralized storage
  All customer materials are stored in one place accessed only by authorized users.

Cost effectiveness
  Drastically reducing distribution costs, production costs and cycle times by reusing existing materials. Save precious time and avoid expensive errors..
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