How it Works

The Web Based Solution for Pricelists Distribution

  The Problem


The supplier and the customer are involved in a great deal of price and product information changes. The different update distribution methods, make the information flow difficult and slow.
Usually, price lists don't contain pictures; There is no user-friendly system that enables simple and fast price updates; There is also a lack of user-friendly systems that enable simple updates distribution.

   The Solution  


VeriPrice introduces a global centralized online distribution service of specific price lists, allowing the suppliers to easily manage and distribute prices updates, new products and
special sales data to their customers,
simply, quickly and efficiently.
The use of
VeriPrice service, allows
end-users of the service to quickly locate, view, print, download in different formats and process the new data!
The system assures constant availability,
secured accessibility and uniformity.
Suppliers use the service to update prices and other information in
VeriPrice. Prices and information are then actively distributed to the respective customers.

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