How it Works

The Web Based Solution for Promotional Content Distribution
    Traditional creation process   

Hoteliers assign graphic studios, advertising agencies, photographers and other professionals
to create promotional materials:
Logos & Graphics
& Adverts
When the work is done, the new raw materials (images, logos texts etc.) are usually kept at the creation source.

    The distribution problem  

Hoteliers constantly need to distribute their promotional materials to their distribution channels for their own promotion/booking activities
(Screen and Print).


Contacting - Getting request for supplying of raw materials.

Details - Getting the contact & address for the materials delivery destination.

Approaching - Approaching the contact in one of the professional companies who is supposed to have the materials available, transfer the materials requests and delivery details.

Follow up - Checking that materials have been transferred successfully.

At the professionals-end - Getting the request for the materials.

Search - Search where the materials are - to see if they exists, how to retrieve them etc.

QA - Quality Assurance after retrieval - is it the correct material?

If OK - If everything turns out OK, copy to media / write CD and prepare label.

Logistics - Preparing envelope, do all courier and/or mail logistics, payments etc.

VeriHotel introduces a global centralized online distribution service of media materials, allowing the users of the service, to quickly locate and download the needed materials in high-resolution formats suited for professional printing and screen purposes.


Hoteliers and other Travel content providers send one set of promotional materials to VeriSet.
The materials are then processed and loaded onto
VeriHotel. Content users can access VeriHotel site and download/send the desired digital files online.


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