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Content has become one of the most important factors for success in the Internet travel business. If your website visitors don’t find the information they are looking for, chances are that they will simply go elsewhere. With regard to hotel information, pictures are telling more than a thousand words. Vacationers and business travelers alike want to see the hotel before they book. This is why we created VeriTour.

VeriTour delivers high-quality pictures that are typically twice to 4 times the size of the pictures you can get from GDS or travel content providers. Your website visitors will get the picture – and they’ll appreciate it!
VeriTour is a multilingual online presentation and can support any language like French, Russian, Chinese or Greek - you name it. Now you can target new growth markets easily and you can use it in your customers' native language.
VeriTour is available either through the links to complete VeriTour presentations or in "raw" XML data format, which is accessible in real time using the SOAP-compatible VeriTour XML web service.
VeriTour pictures & texts are grouped into content categories, making it easier for your website visitor to find the information he/she is looking for.
VeriTour integrates into your website. Once you decide to use VeriTour, we put your banner on top of the VeriTour presentation and adjust the background color to match your website.
VeriTour presentation content is provided and maintained by the hotels themselves! You don’t need to contact them for up-to-date pictures, text content, etc. Moreover, we make sure the hotels don’t place any compromising information (such as website, email address, telephone or fax numbers, or hotel rates).
All you need to do to use VeriTour is to insert the links we provide next to the corresponding hotel offers. No further web page editing, image adjustments or database maintenance necessary. VeriTour can also be used in addition to existing content.
VeriTour presentation can be sent from one Internet user to another by clicking the “Tell a friend” button, sending an email that includes your banner linking back to your website. Yet another powerful promotional tool that works for you.
As more and more hotels use VeriTour, we provide you with new VeriTour hotel presentations on a regular basis, according to your preferences. All VeriTour presentation links are sent together with complete hotel identification data such as name, location and GDS booking codes, to make it easy for you.
VeriTour presentation content is provided and updated by the hotels, who have agreed to publish it on travel and booking websites. No need to worry about copyright and other legal matters when using VeriTour.
VeriTour enhances your booking site, leading to an increase in room bookings. We provide you with a monthly usage statistic so you can easily see how VeriTour works for you.
Best of all, we now provide VeriTour to booking and travel websites FREE-OF-CHARGE (no fees, no commissions)!!! So all you have to do is use it for your benefit.
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