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The Internet travel business is growing rapidly. Following this trend, hotels invest in their Internet presence by adding more and better pictures and multi-language content to their website, in order to attract new markets and increase occupancy. Yet, around 80% of all Internet bookings are done via travel booking sites / portals.

Since travel websites do most of the Internet sales for the hotels, why not help them to do a better job?

This is why we created
VeriTour - a service that is designed to help hotels promote their property on the Internet.

How does VeriTour work for you?

Tour helps hotels to distribute high quality pictures as well as multi-language text content to booking sites, distribution channels and other players in the travel industry. VeriTour picture presentations are created and maintained by the hotel. All pictures and texts can be easily updated via the Internet. All you need to do is upload the pictures and text and let us distribute your VeriTour presentations to travel related websites - booking sites, travel agency websites, tourism websites and distribution channels around the world. By using our VeriTour service, you can help travel websites to get quality content to better promote and sell your hotel.

VeriTour delivers high-quality pictures that are typically twice to 4 times the size of the pictures currently shown on travel websites. We even let you show high resolution, full page images of the hotel.
VeriTour is a true multilingual online presentation and can support any language, including non-Latin scripts such as Russian, Greek, Arabic or Chinese. Now you can easily target new markets. Once VeriTour is ready, we will distribute the information to relevant travel websites around the world.
With VeriTour, you can change pictures and text anytime you want, online via Internet. Whatever changes and additions you make, they will be visible immediately on all participating travel websites.
With VeriTour, you don't need to be a computer buzz or use special software. Everything is done via your web browser, using simple fill in forms and buttons. The user interface is available in many languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Danish, Italian and more.
Your new VeriTour presentation is automatically provided to our participating travel websites - distribution channels, online booking sites and other travel industry related sites. We constantly thrive to increase the list of participating websites to give you more exposure.
Travelers love VeriTour - here they can see the hotel they would like to book. It has been proven that good picture and text content increases the conversion rate dramatically.
VeriTour presentations can be sent from one Internet user to another by clicking the "Tell a friend" button. It creates an email that includes a link to your VeriTour presentation. Yet another powerful and easy-to-use promotional tool that helps promote your hotel.
VeriTour presentations can now be used by any travel / booking website FREE OF CHARGE. The participating website receives its own customized online presentation with its own banner and can directly link to the presentation. VeriTour greatly enriches travel websites, leading to increased hotel bookings.
Moreover, you can use
VeriTour as an addition to your own website, at no additional charge. Instead of sending multi-Megabyte mails with pictures and documents to your travel partners and customers, simply include your VeriTour link into your emails to present the hotel.
We provide you with a monthly usage statistic so you can easily see how VeriTour works for you.
We take care to link your VeriTour presentations to travel related web sites around the world - booking sites, tour operators, travel distribution channels, travel websites, etc. - thus promoting your hotel to travelers in different markets and countries.
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