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VeriTour Basics

Visual Content Counts

Travelers, whether planning a business trip or a vacation, like to see what they get before making their final decision.

Providing them with more and better picture content substantially increases the chance they’ll book with you.
VeriTour is an easy to navigate, intuitive approach to present hotels on the web. Pictures and text information are organized into categories, allowing the user to quickly find what he/she is looking for. By clicking on the thumbnail view, the traveler gets the large picture – more than twice to four times the size typically found on travel websites. You get the picture?!


Hotel Marketing

VeriTour is provided to travel and booking websites free of charge, no matter what traffic the website generates.

In addition, we are actively promoting VeriTour to travel websites, both local and around the world.
All participating websites get regular updates to include the newest VeriTour hotels, according to the travel website’s preferences.


User Friendliness

User friendliness is not only about easy navigation and visual effects.

The best panorama view or video clip will be severely compromised by long downloads on slow Internet connections, which are more common than you may think.
VeriTour pictures are optimized for high quality and yet fast screen display. VeriTour does NOT require any special software to be installed on the user’s computer – Microsoft Explorer or a Mozilla-compatible browser will do.


Localization and Languages

VeriTour is much more than a sophisticated picture browser! Want to talk to your customers in their language? No problem.

VeriTour supports any language you can think of (well, almost – we haven’t figured out Braille yet, but suggestions are welcome).
Hoteliers can put in content in multiple languages to target both key markets and fast growing new markets. For help on translations, click here for more information.
VeriTour comes with a set of predefined content categories such as “The Hotel”, “Rooms & Amenities”, “Restaurants & Bars”, etc. to suit most hotels. These preset categories are already translated into all available languages.
Hotels have the freedom to change and adopt the categories, services and facilities to their needs and marketing goals.



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