VeriSet Overview

VeriSet is the innovative global online business-to-business meeting point, designed exclusively to meet the needs of any kind or size of business. Through VeriSet, businesses can effectively broadcast the branded business information and services. Such range of breadth and depth of online products and services cannot be found anywhere today. VeriSet provides a one-stop shop for all the business information needs, ranging from Visual media to Pricelists and other information distribution.

VeriSet provides an Enterprise Asset Management & Distribution solution that can help your company share, distribute and leverage digital content, to build your business and create competitive advantage.

Making your content strategy work often means tying together disparate elements from across the entire extended enterprise. It is called the Distributed Content Infrastructure, and it can be a challenge for even the savviest organization to manage. Our technology lets your distributed content resources operate in the way that's right for your organization's needs and objectives without requiring costly replication.

VeriSet family of products and services work together to virtually centralize the ways your digital assets are managed, distributed, and monitored. At the core of our solutions are VeriVisual, a powerful Web-based Solution that is the foundation for your visual asset Management & Distribution, VeriPrice that is the foundation for your Pricelists and product information Management & Distribution and VeriTour - the breakthrough in travel internet presentations, using your high-quality digital visual assets.


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