VeriSet Executive Team

VeriSet has brought together a management team of the highest caliber professionals.  This team brings a wealth of business experience and Internet expertise to build VeriSet into a business-to-business service that companies can rely on!


Avi Toren, CEO
  Avi Toren has over 25 years of management and financing experience, in international businesses & companies. Prior to founding VeriSet in 2001, Avi was part of the founding team and served for more than 5 years as the Global CFO of Leonardo - an international company, that specializes in multimedia content distribution in the travel industry. Avi acquired a long experience in business development, playing key roles in several big companies in the international market place.

Amir Ben-Moshe, V. P. Operations and Product Development
  Amir Ben-Moshe has over 20 years of experience in various kinds of multimedia products development. Prior to founding VeriSet in 2001, Amir was part of the founding team and served for more than 5 years as V. P. - Chief Product Technology Manager of Leonardo - an international company, in the travel industry multimedia distribution business. Amir has an innovating vision with great proven execution power.

Oleg Golynker, V. P. Technology
  With over 15 years of software development and management experience, Oleg is the supporting pillar of VeriSet technology and technological facilities. Prior to joining the foundation team of VeriSet, Oleg served as the CTO of Art-In - a well known Information Technology company. Oleg is a persistent researcher and constantly supports innovations by utilizing cutting edge technology development and facilities.

Annabelle Nakache, Sales Director - France
  Annabelle has graduated from one of the best management and Marketing universities in Paris. After a few experiences in marketing and communication missions in France and United States, she is joining the Veriset team.

Nir Toren, Production Manager
  Nir is an experienced IT and graphics specialist. With over 8 years experience, providing customer service and system administration services to a variety of customers.
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