The Company

Founded in 2001 by a professional and experienced management team, VeriSet has invested its accumulated knowledge of market research in creating innovative solutions to marketing problems common to many businesses.

The vision behind VeriSet is the understanding that a company's essential assets must also include much of its knowledge and information, and that business success often relies on the timely exchange and distribution of relevant and accurate digital information. With VeriSet Enterprise Asset Management & Distribution solutions, any organization can share, distribute and leverage digital content with maximum efficiency to create competitive advantage.

Making your content strategy work often means tying together diverse elements from across the entire extended enterprise. This is a Distributed Content Infrastructure, and it can be a challenge for even the savviest organization to manage. Our technology lets your distributed content resources operate in the way that's right for your organization's needs and objectives without requiring costly duplication.

The VeriSet family of products and services work together to virtually centralize the way your digital assets are managed, distributed, and monitored. Our core solutions include:

VeriVisual -a powerful web-based solution that serves as the foundation for your visual asset Management & Distribution

- serves as the foundation for your pricelists and product information management & distribution

VeriTour - the breakthrough in internet travel presentations, utilizing your high-quality digital visual assets.



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