VeriSet Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy


By entering VeriSet services, I constitute acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and it shall enter into effect by clicking the "Agree & Enter" button.


Clause 1 - Definitions


" VeriSet": VeriSet System Ltd. and its staff and representatives.


" VeriSet services": the Content Distribution and Management Services rendered by VeriSet.


"Content": the content of VeriSet services, including pictures, logos, trademarks, images, text and any other format of files and materials, as provided by Content Providers to VeriSet and as distributed throughout VeriSet site.


"Content Provider": an entity that provides VeriSet with Content loaded into VeriSet services.


"User": a person who has entered VeriSet services as a user on the VeriSet website as a guest or by means of signing in with user name and password..


"Errors": any errors and defects appearing and/or occurring during the use of the Content, including editing errors and the failure of VeriSet services to operate in conformity with its functionality;


Clause 2 - General Provisions


1.      These Terms and Conditions shall be applicable to anyone who uses in any way of using VeriSet services.


2.      VeriSet is the owner and manager of this website. The information has been provided by Content Providers, who have granted VeriSet permission to distribute the information to the Users of VeriSet services electronically, by mail and in any other way and to grant Users the right of using this content according to authorizations given by the Content Providers.


Clause 3 - Using VeriSet Services


1.      VeriSet grants the User a non-exclusive right to use VeriSet services. This right of use consists of the rights to access VeriSet services, to view and/or download content presented in VeriSet.


2.      The non-exclusive right of use is granted according to Content Provider authorization and is not transferable to any party other than the one who is authorized by the Content Provider and VeriSet.


3.      The users take upon themselves the responsibility to make sure, that the content used by them complies in full with their requirements and demands.


4.      Use of Content distributed by VeriSet services, in whole or in part, shall never be for purposes that compete with VeriSet or VeriSet services.


5.      Use of Content distributed by VeriSet services, in whole or in part, is prohibited for distribution to third parties, as such, by sale or free of charge.


Clause 4 - Intellectual Property Rights


1.      VeriSet hereby declares that all rights, titles and interests (hereinafter "the rights") of whatever nature (including but not limited to copyright) in VeriSet services and the related documentation and technology as well as the software and data files contained therein (hereinafter "VeriSet services" or "the services") vest in and belong to VeriSet at all times free from any interest of any third party.


2.      VeriSet has the unfettered right to exploit and dispose of the rights.


3.      VeriSet has not previously assigned, licensed, mortgaged, charged or otherwise disposed of or encumbered the rights or any part thereof or purported to do any of the aforesaid acts.


4.      VeriSet has not entered into any agreement and is not aware of any circumstances, which may give rise to fiduciary obligations to any third party with reference to the rights, and/or services that might affect the undisturbed use of VeriSet services.


5.      No title or right of ownership, copyright, right in the nature of copyright or any other intellectual property right is or will be vested in, assigned or otherwise transferred to the User, and the use of VeriSet services shall not, in any event, constitute an intellectual property right on the part of the User with regard to the Content or the technology offered by VeriSet.


6.      If any third party states to the User or the User is otherwise led to believe that any third party has any rights as regards VeriSet services, the User shall forthwith     notify VeriSet thereof in writing.


7.      With regard to third parties who allege that their rights are being infringed, the User shall refrain from acknowledging any rights or facts, from committing the User in any way whatsoever and from entering into settlements.


8.      The User shall forthwith inform VeriSet of any infringement or suspected infringement of the rights of which the User is aware and supply VeriSet with all information the User has relating thereto.


9.      If it is established that the use of the software or any parts thereof contained in VeriSet services infringes any intellectual property right, VeriSet shall use its best endeavors to change the relevant applications in such a manner that the User   may   continue to use the software.


10. At all times VeriSet will use its reasonable endeavors to maintain the services, and as and when necessary diligently and promptly prepare new versions of the services.


11. The User hereby warrants and represents that the User shall at all times observe the limits of the granted right of use. Any use inconsistent with the purposes of VeriSet services is strictly prohibited.


12. The User shall have no recourse against VeriSet for any alleged or actual infringement or misappropriation of any proprietary right in the User's communications to VeriSet.


13. VeriSet services are protected by domestic and international intellectual property law.


14. All rights are valid, subsisting and free from encumbrances.


15. All legal and equitable rights conferred on VeriSet, whether or not mentioned herein, are reserved.


Clause 5 Liability


1.      VeriSet shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the User, including damage that is caused if the Content in VeriSet services is incomplete, incorrect, not up-to-date or technically not fit for the intended use.


2.      Any User who carries on a profession or business shall indemnify VeriSet for and against any claims by third parties, including Content Providers, for compensation or damages, including for loss of profit, suffered as a result of the use of VeriSet services.


3.      VeriSet shall not be liable for the content of websites to which the Users are referred via links.


4.      VeriSet shall not be liable if VeriSet services cannot be used for practical reasons such as Errors and technical breakdown or for legal reasons such as court orders.


5.      The inclusion of information provided by a Content Provider does not in any way imply VeriSet 's endorsement of the business of the Content Provider. VeriSet shall not be liable for any damage caused by a Content Provider to a User or other third parties.


6.      VeriSet shall not be liable for the failure to fulfill any of its obligations under these Terms and Conditions, if the fulfillment has been interfered with, hindered, delayed or prevented by circumstances not reasonably within the control of VeriSet.


7.      Any liability on the part of VeriSet shall never exceed the amount received by VeriSet - if at all - from the insurance company with which VeriSet has insured its interests under this agreement.


Clause 6 - Privacy Policy


1.      This statement discloses the privacy policy for the website.



2.      By subscribing to VeriSet services, Content Providers and Users, provide information about themselves, their company and its business, products product and other information. VeriSet uses this information to support relationship with its clients and in the course of rendering services. VeriSet shares the information with its worldwide subsidiaries, Content Providers, Users and business partners to enable better service provided its clients. VeriSet may use the information for public relations, marketing and sales purposes. With respect to these services, if you do not wish to receive such marketing benefits, you may let us know by sending e-mail to If you wish to change or correct any information about you, please do so by sending e-mail to the same address.


3.      VeriSet uses cookies and your browser needs to be set to accept them. We only store temporary session ID, which is destroyed when you close your browser.


4.      Due to the international nature of the Internet, the information you provide, in case it is presented as "Public", may cross national borders.


Clause 7 - Duration and Cancellation of the Usage Rights


1.      Entering VeriSet services, constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and shall enter into effect from the instant the User clicks the button " Agree & Enter " and shall last for as long as the user uses VeriSet services.


2.      VeriSet reserves the right to cancel, at any time and for any reason (including any violation to clause 3), the permission of the User to enter and use VeriSet services. The use of VeriSet services by the User shall be terminated with immediate effect from the moment of cancellation. Such cancellation shall mean also the cancellation of any rights of using any content taken from VeriSet, with immediate effect.


Clause 8 - Concluding Provisions


1.      VeriSet shall have the right to amend these Terms and Conditions and the amended Terms and Conditions will be applicable to existing Users. The amended Terms and Conditions are accepted by pressing the " Agree & Enter" button, while entering VeriSet services. If the User does not accept the amended Terms and Conditions, the use of VeriSet services by this User is prohibited.


2.      Usage of VeriSet services, and thus these Terms and Conditions, shall be governed by the laws of Israel.


3.      The competent court in Tel-Aviv, Israel shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute arising from the use of VeriSet services and/or the interpretation of this agreement.